About the campaign

Moments of Truth is part of UNISON’S Public Service Champions campaign.

After nearly 10 years of government cuts all UNISON members know how hard it can be to provide good quality, effective public services. They see up close the affects of austerity on the communities that they serve.

The Public Service Champions campaign aims to help win the argument for a change of direction on cuts and for proper investment in public services.

Public Service Champions keeps real people – service users and workers – at the heart of the campaign. Telling their stories, showing the impact on people’s lives, is what it is all about.

Throughout the campaign we will continue to use the real experience of our members – experts you can trust when you don’t believe politicians or the media.

Key facts

  • The NHS is suffering the deepest financial squeeze in its 70 year history, with the decade 2010-2020 set to be its most austere ever
  • At least 12,000 NHS beds have been lost since 2010
  • Local government budgets have been slashed by nearly 50%, making it increasingly difficult for councils to properly fund street cleaning, libraries, leisure centres and community safety
  • Approximately 1,000 Sure Start centres have closed since 2009
  • Because of inadequate funding, nearly 80% of workers providing care to elderly people in their homes report having no option but to rush their work or leave clients early to get to their next call
  • The number of police community support officers has been cut by more than 30%, at the same time as violent crime and sex offences have been rising
  • The number of teaching assistants in secondary schools has been cut by 8%
  • Close to one million jobs have been cut across public services, with more than half of those who are left reporting that they now have to undertake unpaid overtime to keep services going
  • 80% of NHS staff have raised concerns about there not being enough staff on duty to give patients the high-quality care they want to

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Public Service Champions is funded by UNISON’s Campaign Fund.

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The lack of funding for public services has, in turn, put the health of its workers at risk – both mentally and physically. Find out just how much damage is being done by watching their personal moments of evidence above.

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